Powerful and engaging
data visualizations

MetaLayer creates applications and tools that enable decision makers to discover true insight.

MetaLayer exposes hidden trends in large datasets and delivers powerful visualization that drive engagement

Our data visualization technologies and skills enable us to create application that allow true data discovery.

Powerful and engaging data visualizations

At MetaLayer, we have a strong history of delivering engaging and impactful data visualizations.

Our team of designers and engineers understand data and continue to reimagine how people can interact with it.

Our data visualization solutions are exciting, informative and always highly interactive.


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We the skills and experience you need to launch your next data visualization application

Cloud Hosting

With expertees in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Rackspace, MetaLayer can help expose your data visualizations to customers in a managed cloud environment.

AWS Google Cloud Google App Engine Rackspace VPN/VPC

Mobile and Tablet

Using the very latest data visualization and front-end development technologies, MetaLayer can create data visualization application that are accessible and interactive on any device.

iPad iPhone Android HTML5 Responsive Smart Phone Tablet Touch

Front End Technology

With exceptionally strong in-house expertise in modern front-end design and development, MetaLayer can blend the latest techniques and technologies to craft amazing interactive apps.

HTML5 CSS3 LESS / SCSS JS / jQuery D3.js Highcharts.js Responsive AngularJS BackboneJS Google Maps Google Charts Open Street Map

Backend Technology

Our team of data experts have worked with data technologies from open source database servers through to the very latest in Big Data technology.

MongoDB Apache Solr Hadoop Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Excel MySQL Postgress


With an exceptional understanding of data and system security, MetaLayer can ensure that our applications are always available to those who should have access and never available to those who should not.

Password encryption Cross site scripting Cross site request forgery SQL injection Clickjacking SSL/HTTPS Host Header Validation User session security


Whether your company is large or small, whether your data is in a Microsoft enterprise database system or on a collection of spreadsheets, MetaLayer has the skills and experience needed to deliver seamless integration with your current systems.

Microsoft technologies Oracle MongoDB Hadoop Postgress Daily data uploads Realtime streaming Social media integration

MetaLayer move past traditional visualization techniques and combine historic, real-time and social data to craft compelling data stories.

We deliver world class data applications for our clients, here are a collection of some of our most exciting case studies.


Working with one of largest supplier of business telecommunications systems in the US, the MetaLayer team designed and built a beautiful and engaging business intelligence application designed to drive engagement and retain customers.

Built for the iPad, this data visualization app exposes trends in proprietary telecommunications data that are used to drive business decision making in MetTel’s client base. This SaaS solution supports multitenancy, allowing multiple accounts to be associated with each client view of the underlying data.

Big Data Pricing Data Geo Data Data Discovery Multi User & Multitenancy Web & Mobile Ready iPad Optimized

Microsoft SQL Server Solr jQuery HTML5 D3 Highcharts

The Human Face of Big Data

Working with the acclaimed photographer and data enthusiast Rick Smolan, MetaLayer created a data discovery and visualization application to explore over three million global responses to the Human Face of Big Data project.

The data discovery application MetaLayer built was used in global showcase events in Singapore, London and New York by journalists and project sponsors to explore the results of this groundbreaking lifestyle survey. The project - sponsored by EMC - has continued to gain recognition and acclaim and our contribution was called out by the Guardian shortly after the event.

Big Data Data Discovery Data Analysis Web & Mobile Ready

Python HTML5 jQuery D3 BackboneJS

Turn the World Red

Working with one of the worlds most impactful campaign groups, (RED), MetaLayer designed, developed and manager a global social media campaign designed to ‘turn the world red’ for world AIDS day.

Using custom designed MetaLayer technology, hundreds of thousands of social interactions around the globe were collected, analyzed and mapped in a compelling, real-time data visualization showing support for the campaign goals.

Geo Data Data Discovery Social Media Web & Mobile Ready

.NET jQuery HTML5 D3 GoogleMaps


Working with the team behind the acclaimed Enterprise Operations Platform, EnterpriseWeb, MetaLayer reimagined how enterprise users can interact with complex data models within their organization. We worked with the team behind EnterpriseWeb to understand the capabilities of their platform and to innovate around the design and user experience of their customer facing applications. This project highlighted our abilities to bring fresh and dynamic thinking to existing teams and projects and to successfully implement solutions that ‘play nicely’ with existing platforms and technologies.

Enterprise Systems Data Discovery Web & Mobile Ready

Java jQuery HTML5 D3 Solr

MetaLayer is a world leader in data strategy, science and visualization

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