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Thomson Reuters

Predictive analytics and social trend discovery

Working with Thomson Reuters Special Service, the MetaLayer team designed and built a predictive analytics platform that could seamlessly combine nine years of Thomson Reuters proprietary content with real-time streams from popular online channels.

This system allowed the client’s data analysts to extract and identify trends and test hypotheses.

Big Data Sentiment Analysis Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Hypnosis Testing

Python HTML5 MongoDB jQuery D3 NLTK Solr

The US Army and The Wounded Warrior Program

Data driven understanding of veteran services

Working with the Wounded Warrior Program of the US Army and in partnership with the Henry Jackson Foundation, MetaLayer conceptualized and implemented a revolutionary approach to applying qualitative research techniques to social content.

Using our solution, a team of US Army researchers were able to conduct passive analysis of the effectiveness of the veterans’ services and identify new avenues for engagement with the community.

Big Data Qualitative Analysis Crowd Sourcing Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Python jQuery D3 HTML5 NLTK Solr

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